Hipster Waist Pack

$34.99 USD

The Hipster Waist Pack is the perfect companion for walks, hikes and runs with your dog. Featuring a detachable storage pack and water bottle holder, adjustable daisy chain waist belt and shock-absorbing bungee with dual locking carabiners, our upgraded fanny pack is right at home wherever you roam.

  • COMFORTABLE PADDING: Perfect for hands free running and walking with your dog, the Outward Hound Hipster Waist Pack is built with durable padded waistband that helps reduce the impact of pulling while you walk and run with your dog. The waistband is also built with breathable material and reflective elements helping you be visible, and comfortable on the trails ahead.
  • SHOCK ABSORBING BUNGEE: Not all paths are predictable and when you need to stop in a hurry or your dog is too far ahead, a shock absorbing bungee on this hands-free running leash will help cushion the impact of sudden movements providing more comfort and control for you and your dog.
  • DETACHABLE STORAGE PACKS: Take what you need! Detachable storage packs on the Hipster Waist Pack provide versatile wear and can be added or removed based upon the items you need or don’t need during your walk, run or jog.
  • WATER BOTTLE HOLDER: Keeping you as hands-free as possible, the Outward Hound Hipster Waist Pack hands-free running leash is equipped with a water bottle holder that fits most bottles keeping you and your pup refreshed before, during and after your journey. Water bottle not included.

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